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A Useful Glossary For Life Coaching

I try very hard to make my blogs easy to read. That is to say not full of jargon. However, there are times that it’s very difficult to avoid this. In this blog I’ve taken some of the words and terms and I’m giving you a (hopefully) simple explanation.


Accountability - Accepting responsibility for your choices.

Action Plan - Your recipe for life, goals, or things you’re doing. It marks out specific points almost like a to-do list.

Affirmations - Positive, motivating statements you can say to change your emotional and mental state.

Core Values - Simply put, these are our moral compass. These are the things that are an integral part of our psyche and they influence our thoughts, behaviours and actions. They include, but are not limited to integrity, accountability, discipline, honesty.

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique. Also known as tapping. An individual taps on certain meridian points while making a statement. It can help alleviate stress, anxiety, depression, pain and many more things. Read a blog about it here.

Empathy - The ability to identify, as well as understand, the emotions of other people.

Goal - A target of any size. Something you wish to achieve,

Law Of Attraction (LOA) - This is the universal law that states among other things, like attracts like. By making a decision about what you want in life and organising your thoughts in a particular way (mostly positive) you can attract what you want in life.

Limiting Beliefs - Assumptions held to be true regarding circumstances, abilities, situation, and potential. They can be damaging if held for too long. They are beliefs we believe are true and thus have a negative impact on our progress. They prevent you from making proactive choices. They hold you back from recognising opportunities and taking advantage of them. They keep you focussed on negativity. They can be hard to identify; you struggle to see your own limitations.

Manifestation - Similar to the Law Of Attraction. The difference is the LOA attracts what’s already in this world; manifestation attracts what isn’t. Essentially manifesting is about creating your own particular circumstance.

Meridian - This is a concept developed in Chinese medicine. It is a system marking the path that energy flows. There are 12 standard Meridians, with approximately 365 points along them. Each Meridian is associated with a specific part of the body.

Mindfulness - Living in the now. Acknowledging without judgement what is happening. Observing something without assessing it.

NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming. A psychological approach that helps change a person’s thoughts and thus their behaviours.

Transformational Vocabulary - The technique whereby you choose powerful, positive words instead of using negative ones. By doing so you change your emotional state. Read the blog here.

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