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Angel Numbers - Explained

Have you ever found yourself seeing the same number again and again? Do you look at your Digital clock and it shows a time containing the same two numbers? Do you find yourself waking up at exactly the same time day after day? It could be that there is a message from the higher realm for you…read on (with an open mind) to find out more.

A Message You Can Count On

Last week I spoke about basic tenets of numerology and helped you find your Life Path number and your Soul Urge Number. This week I wanted to talk about another kind of number…the Angel number. Over the years I have constantly seen repeated numbers. I’d look at my phone for a time check and it’d read 17:17 or 13:13 (which is the time I finished my walk today). Being unable to accept the concept of coincidence, I felt that they had to mean something. A Google search soon proved me right! However, I soon got fed up of having to search the net every time I saw a repeated number or saw the same sequence of numbers time and again. So a little more research pointed me in the direction of a book by Doreen Virtue.

Angel Numbers 101 is a great little hand book and it’s on my kindle, which means using the app I have access to the book wherever I go! It gives the meanings of the numbers from 0 - 999. The meanings were meditated on by Doreen Virtue and the messages “downloaded” to her. I know that to some of you this may sound a little woo-woo. A little “out there”. But as I said, keep an open mind. You may have encountered Angels more times than you realise. There are lots of little signs to look out for and numbers are only one way! They are constantly trying to get our attention but a lot of us either don’t see, or ignore, the signs.

What Am I Looking For?

One of the signs I love finding are feathers. When I’ve been through difficult times, the discovery of a feather in an unexpected place gives me reassurance that all is okay and I’m being watched over. Maybe you’ve questioned the existence of Angels, and you look down on the office floor only to discover a little white feather. There’s nowhere it could have come from. It’s a sign that an Angel is near. I remember getting into my car one day only to find on the passenger seat a large black feather. It definitely wasn’t there when I locked the car! The rest of the day I spent with a smile on my face because I knew I wasn’t alone.

You may have flippantly asked for help from a Divine source…or it may even have been sincere. Next thing you know you’re having vivid dreams about your situation that seem to provide you with a solution. Or you find a three different books on the subject appearing on your Social Media or online shopping page that are based on the very thing you were asking about. Psychologists refer to this as Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, or effect. They say this is where your awareness of something increases. But then science always has had difficulty in accepting the weird and the wonderful. There has to be an explanation and it has to be proven (or disproven) for them to believe in it. I prefer to think that I’m being given a sign and trusting my intuition is the best thing I can do.


One of the most common signs the Angels give us are numbers. Very often we see 111, 222, 333, 1234. The Angels love to use numbers to communicate with us. But sometimes it can take an age for us to go “I wonder what this means”…if we ever do. A large number of us are skeptic on things like this. Everything is a coincidence. Nothing magical is happening. Due to the fact you’ve asked the question or have been mulling it over constantly of late is the only reason you’re having dreams about it, or finding books, seeing adverts etc. But what if it was actually true? I’m not saying that you should sell your house, quit your job and sail around the world because “that’s what an Angel told you to do”. There has to be an element of commons sense! But what if the repeated numbers you keep seeing are actually some form of Divine communication giving you an answer?

Of course we all know of Angels from the Bible…especially Gabriel! But Angels don’t actually follow a specific religion. They are a cosmic spirit. Different religions use the idea of Angels as being a servant of God…and of course that’s absolutely fine! Personally I don’t follow any particular religion, so my concept of God is going to be different to a Christian’s. But I do believe that an Angel is a messenger. A divine messenger from the Universe and if they want to communicate with me through numbers I’m ready and waiting.

11 - Stay positive! Thoughts are becoming things quickly.

22 - Positive results are on the way. Be patient and keep the faith.

101 - Keeping positive means more help is available.

123 - Let go of anything that no longer serves you.

222 - Trust that everything is working out the way it’s meant to.

666 - Stop thinking materialistically and raise your vibration to a spiritual level.

This are just a few of the numbers and my interpretation of their definitions. For more insight get Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101.

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