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Counting On Accountability

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

Although I love all the seasons for different reasons, I’m particularly loving Spring this year. Mother Earth is rightly claiming back what is hers and correcting all the disruption, pollution and disrespect that we’ve given her. Let’s be honest, the human race hasn’t exactly treated this beautiful planet with respect, instead it’s gone blindly ahead for its own advancements with little consideration to the consequences and impacts it has. It would be nice to think that given the current circumstances and people being forced to change their way of life that this planet we call home can right itself and we can actually modify our future behaviour so that we can work *with* the planet rather than against it or for our own ends. Giving something back rather than taking all the time.

Whatever decision we make about how to live our life we have to take responsibility for our actions. We have to be accountable for everything we do. I’ve spoken in previous blogs about how playing the blame game is all too easy. We can’t blame the companies that put their products in plastic if we’re still buying the product. Putting a post up on Social Media complaining about it isn’t the way forward and nor is it going to have much impact - apart from getting people’s hackles up. However, putting a post up encouraging people to contact these companies urging them to rethink their packaging and in the meantime stopping the purchase of said product, well that is likely to have more of an impact especially if people follow through with it.

The truth is of course whatever we do it’s always going to have an impact on other people, ourselves, the environment etc. It’s time for us all to take responsibility and make the negative impact as little as possible. It’s time for us to stop doing things for our own ends and rather think about how we can make our actions turn into a positive experience for all involved. The bottom line is we are all human and we all have the right to be here and to do the things we want to do and so does everything on the Planet including the Planet itself.

At the moment amid the pandemic and lockdowns there are a sad few who are still behaving selfishly and not following the guidelines that have been put in place to protect us all. One hopes that in time they’ll come round and start realising that things are always better when working together. No one owes us anything (I’m not talking about monetary debt here) and Mother Earth certainly doesn’t owe us anything; but we owe it to ourselves and every living thing to unite and become one…HUMAN. For now let’s lose the word “Race” because life isn’t a competition about who can get their riches first, or who can get cured first. Life is a journey of lessons and fun; experiences and emotions. Life is to be enjoyed by all.

If you think I’m being preachy then maybe you need to look at your core values. If you think I’m talking sense, spread the love around!

Look after yourself and everything around you.

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