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Creating A Bucket List

One of my favourite films is called “The Bucket List”. It was made in 2007 and stars Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson as two terminally ill men who escape a cancer ward and head off on a road trip. They each have a wish list of things to do before they die. Creating a bucket list is a great way to set goals and aspirations for your life. It allows you to identify the things you want to experience, achieve, or see before you “kick the bucket.” Here are some ideas across various categories to inspire you in creating your own bucket list:


  • Visit the Seven Wonders of the Modern World (Great Wall of China, Petra, Christ the Redeemer, Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza, Colosseum, Taj Mahal).

  • Explore the Galapagos Islands.

  • Take a safari in Africa.

  • Visit the pyramids of Egypt.

  • Go on a road trip across an entire country or continent.

  • Witness the Northern Lights.

  • Visit all seven continents.

  • Take a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia, Turkey.

  • Cruise through the Norwegian fjords.

  • Dive in the Great Barrier Reef.

Personal Development:

  • Learn a new language fluently.

  • Master a musical instrument.

  • Write and publish a book.

  • Start your own business.

  • Learn a new skill, such as painting, cooking, or photography.

  • Complete a marathon or another physical challenge.

  • Earn a degree or pursue higher education.

  • Volunteer for a cause you're passionate about.

  • Practice meditation or mindfulness regularly.

  • Overcome a fear or phobia.

Adventure and Adrenaline:

  • Skydive or go bungee jumping.

  • Go on a thrilling roller coaster ride.

  • Learn to surf or go scuba diving.

  • Go on a backpacking trip through a remote wilderness.

  • Ride a hot air balloon or helicopter.

  • Go on a whitewater rafting adventure.

  • Try paragliding or hang gliding.

  • Go on a zip line tour.

  • Climb a famous mountain, such as Mount Kilimanjaro or Everest Base Camp.

  • Go on a winter sports vacation and try skiing or snowboarding.

Family and Relationships:

  • Start a family or have children.

  • Plan a family reunion or gathering.

  • Take a trip with your parents or siblings.

  • Organise a surprise party for a loved one.

  • Learn your family's heritage and trace your ancestry.

  • Renew your wedding vows or celebrate a milestone anniversary.

  • Volunteer together as a family.

  • Go on a multigenerational vacation.

  • Teach a skill or share your knowledge with a younger family member.

  • Create a family tradition or legacy.

Your bucket list should reflect your personal dreams and desires. Tailor it to your interests and values, and don't be afraid to dream big! Keep your list somewhere visible, and start taking small steps toward your goals. Enjoy the journey as you work your way through your bucket list and create memorable experiences along the way.

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