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Is Your Life A False Economy?

Lately I've been seeing a lot of people looking for recommendations but they've added the phrase "As cheap as possible.." very often adding "...but good quality". I get it, we're living in a time of austerity and with the dreaded B word finally coming about there's a lot of uncertainty about the future; but "good quality" and "cheap" are not usually mutually exclusive bedfellows.

Yes, occasionally you get a really good deal where you're getting a massive saving on something, but if for example you're looking for a new pair of jeans - if you pay £5 for a new pair of jeans you can't realistically expect them to last! Sadly though paying £150 on a new pair of jeans doesn't always result in better quality and very often you're paying for a label which in turn is giving that company free advertising...and you're paying them to do so rather than them paying you. If you need a job doing at home, going for the cheapest option may end up costing you more because maybe the job wasn't done properly in the first place so you have to get it redone several times. Very often the "middle of the road" price is best.

Which gives you better value for money? A £5 bottle of wine? A £10 bottle of wine? Or a £20 bottle of wine? According to experts the answer is a £10 bottle of wine. Most of the things you get in a bottle of wine are fixed in terms of cost. The tax (in the UK) is the same no matter how expensive. The glass will not be much different in price and the transportation costs are going to be very similar - regardless of the cost of the wine! In a £5 bottle of wine the value of the liquid inside is worth just under 50p. So doubling the price you pay to £10 means that the quality of the wine is about £ you're getting six times the quality. Paying £20 for a bottle the quality of the wine is about £7.50 so while it is better, you're basically doubled up!

How do I know this? Simple - I did my research...from several sources! Therefore my "advice" is this - rather than going for the cheapest option, look at reviews from verified customers and if there's a middle of the road price available and the reviews are just as good as the most expensive that's probably your safest bet.

How does this fit in with Life Coaching and The Law Of Attraction? You live your life to a set of values. Sometimes certain values aren't given as much weight as they should, and others are given too much. Maybe your work/life balance is skewed...£4.50 worth of work for a 50p life! If you feel something isn't quite right (and you'll know) then taking time to assess your life can pay dividends - which is where Life Coaching comes in! The Law Of Attraction is similar - you make your request but if you're not putting the quality into your request - you're not going to get the quality in your "reward".

In my next blog I'm going to be talking about Investing In Yourself but in the mean time look out for grand promises with little substance!

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