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My Grandad's Inspiration

July 4th would have been the birthday of my grandad Reg...he would have been 100!

He passed away 27 years ago, just a couple of days before my birthday. Not a day goes by where I don't think of him as there is always a happy trigger.

Whether it's a DIY project of my own or me coming out with a witty remark or "joke", his influence is constantly shining through. In fact, the only thing I don't do (yet?) that he used to do is play golf!

I sometimes wonder how different things would be had cancer not gotten the better of him. What would our relationship have been like? Would he still be making me laugh?

His last words to me as he held my hand were "Don't make any more mistakes." While I haven't been able to fulfil that desire for me, I have tried to learn from any I make.

Life is a fantastic, fascinating, and exciting adventure which will only ever be as fantastic, fascinating, and exciting as you choose to make it.

Make every day count. Don't save something for best (or Christmas)...make every day the best. Don't save something for a special occasion, every day is a special occasion.

We don't get the opportunity to regenerate and live countless make this one count! Go to bed knowing you've filled your day in the best way possible.

No matter how old or young you are, look at each day with awe and wonder. Have the inquisitiveness of a child...and indeed the playfulness.

Be spontaneous. Fill your days with exciting things rather than routine. Learn at least one new thing every day. Ask questions. Keep being awesome!

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