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The Benefits Of Meditation - Part Two

In the previous blog I listed what meditation is and isn’t. In this blog I write about six of the benefits I’ve gained from meditating on a regular (800+ days in a row and counting) basis.

An Sense Of Calm

When I meditate I get a wonderful sense of calm. If I could train myself to meditate when I things get tough during the (even if I’ve already meditated that day) things would actually be even better. Taking time out to meditate, even if it’s just five minutes, can really help calm my emotions and my mind.

A Sense Of Awareness

When I meditate I find I’m more aware of what’s going on. Long term I have found that my sense of sight and hearing have become more acute. I need to wear glasses but I find that I’m more observant. I can see things when I’m out walking that others often miss. I hear things such as birds and insects much clearer and often get a “I can’t hear anything” from people I’m with.

A Sense Of Positivity

When I meditate I find that my spirit changes into something positive. If I’m already positive it makes it better. It doesn’t mean that any issues I’m facing have disappeared, but it does mean that I’m in a better headspace to focus on more positive things. This increases if I do a positive thinking meditation instead of a standard general one.

A Sense Of Wellbeing

When I meditate I get a sense of wellbeing. My blood pressure goes down and I have less tension in my body. By meditating daily I’ve experienced fewer headaches, and haven’t had a migraine in 800 days. In fact, I’ll go as far to say that I’ve rarely been ill since meditating save for the occasional cold.

A Reduction In Depression

Since I started meditating the profound effect that living with depression has on my life has considerably reduced. I still get depressed but I find when I meditate it is no where near as dark. Meditating daily has helped me cope with my mental health issues a lot better than previously. I’ve still got a way to go but I’ve only been meditating for 800 days so I’ve got plenty of time.

A Change In Perspective

When I meditate because I’m not actually focussing on a problem I actually find I get a different perspective. Very often, stepping away from the situation and focussing on just one thing (usually my breath) enables me to look at a situation with fresh eyes. Of course meditating doesn’t wave a magic wand and make problems go away and it can still get stressful, but it helps ease it all.

As with everything, the benefits you reap from meditating will vary. The more seriously you take meditation the better the results will be. Sometimes, I find that my heart isn’t fully in the meditation (I am after all only human) and so the results are not what they could be. Situations still get on top of me and I don’t always respond in a meditative manner.

These negative reactions are usually down to a lack of space or peace. When I visit people, or people visit me, I find myself in a situation I’m not used to. I’m living with other people which disrupts my routine, despite the best intentions of the others. One feels obliged to spend time with them doing things, when really all I want to do is just sit alone in silence…sometimes!

Meditation isn’t a miracle cure for all life’s ills - but it can certainly help. You really have nothing to lose by trying it out. Try it out for a decent length of time, not just a couple of days. Give yourself a chance and plenty of time to learn the skill. I’ve only listed six benefits but if I took the time I’d be able to list loads more! Please do give it a try.

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