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Trust That It'll All Work Out

Em's husband passed away in February last year and so decided she wanted to move house. She wanted to downsize and be nearer her daughter. She put things in place, made arrangements with the Estate Agents and got the house up together ready for the viewings. She trusted that it would all work out and she'd soon be in her new flat. Fast forward to November when Em joined me and my family on holiday. The house hadn't sold, the viewings were down and some even said the price was too high. Em was feeling despondent and felt that her trust had been misplaced. I could tell how important this was to her but I also felt that her perception of the situation needed challenging.

What Do You Want? When Do You Want It?

Most of the time the answer to that question is "now". However, "now" may not be the right time for you to acquire whatever it is you want; and perhaps more importantly it may not be the right thing for you. The Universe wants only what is best for us and will always listen to what we want. I've spoken about this before in my blog about the Law Of Attraction and I have over time discovered that it is absolutely right to put my trust in the Universe - to trust that it'll all work out. Don't get me wrong, it has taken a long time to have this faith and there are occasions I have a wobble; I am after all only human! But having faith and putting your trust in the Universe isn't about religion, doctrine, or ritual; it is just believing that everything you want will happen for you if it is the right thing to happen and when it is the right time to happen.

Let's stick with the moving house scenario. You don't like where you live, the neighbours are obnoxious, it's noisy, it's cramped, it's rundown, it's...any number of reasons you want to move. So you start looking for a new abode and you find several houses that's appear to tick the boxes you want. You make arrangements to view the property, do so and love it. You start to make the plans to move but a few weeks later and it all falls through. The initial reaction is most likely one of disappointment, especially if you're truly unhappy where you are. But maybe there's a good reason why the Universe feels that the time isn't right. Maybe there's a lesson you need to learn - one of tolerance, or dealing with confrontation? Maybe there’s something even better that you don’t know about and the Universe just wants you to be patient. Or maybe there’s some other reason you don’t know about.

This Or Better

Sarah Prout who is a huge practitioner in The Law Of Attraction advises that when asking the Universe for something to always finish the request with “This Or Better”. After all we humans tend to have limited vision. We think we know what is best for us but the truth is we know very little! When I moved into my current home I said to my parents that the very first thing I want to do is change the oven. I’d spoken to the Landlady and I was told I could do this. So I started looking for new ovens but every time I went to a website to look, either the site crashed or there were no suitable products in stock. Two months later in the middle of cooking dinner the oven packed up! I informed the Landlady and within a week I had a brand new oven…better than anything I would have chosen for myself. You see, sometimes what we perceive as obstacles being put in our way are very often blessings. You just have to trust that it will all work out.

You cannot force the hand of the Universe. It knows what is best for you but this is something that even the most enlightened of people struggle to accept. It’s not about voodoo, being crazy, witchcraft as I know some of you may be thinking. But it is about having just a tiny belief (to start with) that the Universe knows what it’s doing and has your back. Think of it like electricity. You can’t see it, but you know it’s there and you know it works; so put this trust that the Universal Law Of Attraction is there…and it works!

It’ll All Work Out

It will all work out for you in the best possible way, but sometimes you don’t know why what’s happening is happening. This can be frustrating because we like to be in the know. We like to understand. Sometimes though you get a really big clue and you just need to keep your eyes, ears, mind, and heart open to find/see it. Em recently wrote to me and what she says in her message kind of encapsulates it all.

Hi, some while back I was complaining to you how frustrated I was that my house was not selling and you said the universe has its reasons and all will be done at the right time. Well! How glad I am to still be here with my lovely garden and lots of friends phoning. Good neighbours and the local shop delivering. Gardening and outside painting, the time going by quickly and I’m not stuck in a flat. Your words helped at the time and I am grateful. My estate agent phoned the other day and there is a lady waiting to come and view! Thank you again. Love Em. x

Keep the faith, trust that it’ll all work out and it will - even if it’s not the way you expect!

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