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Using Your Inner Guide

In today’s blog I’m going to write a bit about our inner guide. Whether you call this your intuition, that small voice, or a gut feeling we all have an inner guide. The trouble is how many of us actually use it properly, or even know where to start? How many of us even use it at all?

What Is Your Inner Guide

How many times have you had a niggle or a feeling about something that you have ignored only to find that the niggle was correct? How many times have you felt a small voice in your mind tell you something, but you’ve worried that you’re going mad so pay it no heed? How many times has your intuition about a person or situation become a reality?

All these things are versions of your Inner Guide. Let me be clear, I am not talking about a Spiritual Guide here, though there are similarities. Your Inner Guide is a feeling. Something deep down that is telling you something. Your Inner Guide, will do precisely that if you let it…it will guide you. Your Inner Guide knows everything about you - better than you know you!

Having this knowledge that your Inner Guide knows you better can be quite intimidating; but it needn’t be. If we can acknowledge that it is there to serve us without ego then that can only be a good thing. As mere human beings we do have a tendency to let our ego take over and run our lives and not always to our benefit.

Making Decisions

When making a decision maybe you like to do a list of pros and cons. Or maybe you talk it through with a close friend or family member? Maybe you do an internet search to find out likely outcomes. Or perhaps you’ll choose an alternative method and consult cards, pendulums, crystals, or psychic mediums - all of which are very useful and have their place.

Tuning into your Inner Guide though gives you what you need rather than what you think you need. When using a list it’s very easy to interpret it in a biassed way - that is to say in favour of a desired outcome. When using alternative methods there is a danger that you’ll perhaps read into something that isn’t there.

Let me give you an example from my own life. I desperately wanted something to happen with someone I’d been talking to. I wanted a relationship with this person. Instead of consulting my Inner Guide, I consulted my tarot cards and because I kept getting the Lovers card, I just took that to be a positive thing - I was reading what I wanted to read into it.

Trusting The Inner Guide

As I said earlier, the Inner Guide isn’t there to trick you. It isn’t run by the ego. When you consult with your Inner Guide (method to below), it only has our best interests at heart. It is there to serve us, not for us to serve it. The Inner Guide is there just waiting for you to tap into it and when you do you can get the answers you’re looking for.

Sometimes, you’ll get an answer you weren’t expecting. This is our ego playing with us again. However, if you ignore what the Inner Guide tells you you may well find that things may fall apart. So you consult it again, and get told the same answer…and so on. Well, eventually you’ll have to take notice if you want things to improve.

The Inner Guide is really the only thing that you can trust 100%. I know that some of you will say “But I’m always 100% honest” and that may be the case - but this isn’t about honesty. This is about knowing what is best for you as a person. Only the Inner Guide knows what is right for you - and it wants to help…but it will take time for you to trust it fully. That only happens if you use it.

Asking The Inner Guide For Help

There now follows a step by step guide on how to connect to your Inner Guide.

1. Find a comfortable seated position, placing your feet flat on the floor.

2. With your eyes open, take a deep breath in, pause and then exhale. Do this three times.

3. Let your breathing return to normal and soften your focus and slowly close your eyes.

4. Sit quietly for a moment, breathing steadily and counting the exhales from 10 down to one.

5. Once you feel relaxed you can start communicating with your Inner Guide…

6. Ask your Inner Guide (in the mind), “Inner Guide, what would you like me to know today?”

7. Pause. ‘Listen’ for an answer. It may be a feeling, it may be words. Don’t rush this.

8. Ask your Inner Guide (in the mind), “Inner Guide, what am I grateful for today?”

9. Pause. ‘Listen’ for an answer. It may be a feeling, it may be words.

10. Ask your Inner Guide (in the mind), “Inner Guide, what action do I need to take today?”

11. Pause. ‘Listen’ for an answer. It may be a feeling, it may be words.

Pausing after each question to receive your answer is the best way. If an answer comes, great! If nothing comes, that’s okay. It could be that you’ll get your answer in another way. Keep an open mind, an open heart, and open ears. Let the energy flow through you and flow for you; don’t resist anything.

Once you’ve done the three main questions you can then ask your Inner Guide a more specific question. Be honest and clear in the asking and receptive to the answer. Don’t have a preconceived idea as to what the answer is (or ‘should’ be). Again pause and wait for an answer which will come as a feeling, an energy or maybe even words.

If you don’t have a specific question you’d like to ask you can still communicate with the Inner Guide using the following: “Inner Guide, please guide all of my thoughts and actions today. “ Or you could use the affirmation, “Today I choose happy and positive thoughts.” Remember, the more you use your Inner Guide, the stronger it becomes.

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