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What Is EFT?

About fifteen years ago I discovered a technique that changed my life. I’d find myself in a stressful situation and not cope very well. Things would get on top of me and no amount of self-talk would help. I went to see a Reiki healer and while that truly helped she was able to offer me something that I could take with me to use anytime I wanted. I’d now like to tell you about it and hope that it will prove useful to you too. Next year we’ll be launching a course in it but for now let me answer the question…what is EFT?



EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a relative newcomer. It was first proposed in 1993 by Gary Craig. However, the theories it draws from are as old as the hills. Taking ideas from acupuncture EFT, like acupuncture, makes use of certain Meridian Points around the body. The nice thing about EFT though…there’re no needles! Think of EFT as a personal, prick free, acupuncture session! Though in reality it’s actually a form of acupressure, which in itself shares the same principals as acupuncture. It clears any energy blocks that are causing you emotional disruption. It helps you get back to a good feeling.

Energy flows through our bodies like lots and lots of streams and rivers. This energy travels through Meridians in the body. There are 12 standard Meridians and they all flow through the whole body. Each Meridian has several stops along the way. Perhaps a good visual would be to think of it as a map of the London Underground, but in your body instead. An acupuncturist would insert very fine needles at certain points on specific Meridians. The location is decided by the ailment you wish to have treated. EFT does away with all that and focusses on 9 points. (In reality there are more points but that’s advanced EFT).


The Jerry Herman musical Mack And Mabel (which opened on Broadway in 1974) features a song called “Tap Your Troubles Away”. Unlike that song though you don’t have to don a pair of tap shoes! Using your index finger and your middle finger together, you tap! By tapping on these Meridian points you are helping to clear the energy blockage. However, at the same time as tapping you reprogram the mind. No this isn’t some kind of science fiction thing! You set up the sequence by tapping and making a statement about the negative belief/feeling you’re experiencing. You then tap around the points describing the negative belief. I’ll explain shortly.

By tapping around the meridian points and making various statements as you do so, you are helping to clear the energy blocks. You are also connecting the mind with the body. Please note, that what I am explaining here is a basic EFT method. There are other, more advanced methods which will be be included when we launch our course next year…or if you book some sessions! In the meantime though let me give you an example of a tapping session you can do for yourself, anywhere you like! If you’re self-conscious about tapping in public you don’t need to make the movements huge! You can make them subtle. Are you ready to learn the technique?


Before you begin tapping, please look at the picture at the end of the blog. It clearly marks the relevant points. If you would like a pdf version to print please click below.

How To Do EFT
Download PDF • 35.59MB
  1. Decide on which negative ailment you wish to treat. It can be an emotional issue, physical or even performance related. Examples for each could be, anger, back pain, upcoming interview or exam. Give the ailment a mark out of ten. 0 would be it’s not affecting you at all and 10 would be unbearably bad! This is a very important thing to do as it gives you a benchmark to check your progress.

  2. You now need a setup phrase. This is a phrase that acknowledges the issue and a self acceptance thought. Be very specific with your issues. Use names. Be honest. Say what you actually mean. Using our previous examples:

Even though I am angry at [insert name or situation], I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though my back is giving me severe pain every time I move, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
Even though I’m very nervous about my upcoming exam, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

3. Using the index and middle fingers of your dominant hand tap the Karate Chop of your non-dominant hand. The Karate Chop is the fleshy bit below your little finger. Tap this at least seven times while repeating your setup phrase three times.

4. Now you’re going to repeat your negative belief as you tap each of the Meridian Points. This phrase doesn’t need to be as long. For example: “This anger at…”, “This back pain”, “The nerves about the exam”. Each point is to be tapped 7 times.


Top Of The Head (TOH)

Beginning Of The Eyebrow (EB)

Side Of Eye (SE)

Under The Eye (UE)

Under The Nose (UN)

Under Bottom Lip (BL)

Collarbone (CB) (Either side is fine)

Under The Arm (UA) (Not pictured!)

5. Once you’ve completed this sequence assess the intensity of the problem. If it’s not at zero (or an acceptable number) then repeat the process.

I hope you found this interesting and that you’ll be able to use it. If you would like to book some sessions so you can learn more about EFT please contact us.

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