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What's Your Granny Doing Tonight?

Back in October 2019 I was truly blessed to be given a ticket to see Cher in concert at the London O2 Arena. Little did I expect that the seat would be front and centre! As I'm sure you can imagine the atmosphere was electric with 10's of thousands of people there all for the same reason. The energy was amazing!

When you stop to think about it there is a lot to be learnt from someone like Cher...if you want to! As I've said in previous blogs, you can learn something from everyone you meet regardless of age, class or experience.

Cher has had a hugely successful career for over 50 years but it hasn't always been plain sailing. However, she never let any setback stop her moving forward. She picked herself up, dusted her self off and reinvented herself whenever she needed to, but (and this is really important), she never lost her authenticity. She never stopped being Cher. She never lost her integrity and has always stood up for what she believes in.

Some people criticise her for her plastic surgery. What business is it of theirs what she does with her face/body? She made the decision to alter her appearance using plastic surgery because she wasn't happy with how she looked. But has it changed the person inside? Not at all. Let me tell you something, she is stunningly beautiful and you know what makes her beautiful...her eyes. They are the eyes of a true soul warrior, and I should know I've seen them up close. She also has an incredible set of legs and has a super fitness level because she loves her body and treats it with respect. More importantly though, she has a beautiful soul. Before every show, she gathers all the crew, dancers, musicians, singers et al. in a circle and they say a prayer to do and be the best for everyone in the audience that night.

Very often people make a criticism of another because they've done something not to their taste; or because it doesn't fit in with their perception of what a person [of a certain age] should be doing, wearing or saying.

Cher, at time of writing, is 73 years young. She looks stunning. Sounds stunning and IS stunning. She can belt out a 90-minute-plus set non-stop while her support act who's ten years younger, struggled to get through a 30 minute set. She's always done what she wants to do and has never paid any heed to her critics. She works diligently to deliver a top-notch product and doesn't hold back or cut corners. Sure she has made mistakes but haven't we all? She's never played the blame game (which will be the subject of my first blog next week). She just gets on and moves on.

Don't let age get in the way of you chasing your dream. Don't think that just because you're a certain age you have to behave in a certain way. Live your life the way you want to live your life and don't let people criticise you. If they do just remind them it's your life your living, not theirs! As Cher said at the end of her opening monologue..."What's your granny doing tonight?"

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