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What's Your Number?

I have always been fascinated by numbers and sequences. Sadly my mathematical ability never reached the same level! I get excited by sequences and patterns and they are everywhere! Many of us have a lucky number. We all have a life path number. We all have a soul number. But what numbers resonate with you? Do you know your numbers? Are any numbers unlucky for you?

Bad Luck Numbers

Some cultures avoid certain numbers at all costs. In China, the number 4 is considered extremely unlucky. It sounds like their word for “death”. In China it’s very rare to see floor numbers, road numbers, house numbers, room numbers, and so on, containing the number 4. In Japan, they avoid the number 43 as this sounds very close to their word for “stillbirth”. Hospitals in Japan avoid room numbers containing 43.

Many establishments avoid the number 13. I believe the BBC Television Centre avoided the use of the number 13 for any of their rooms. The author Jasper Fforde, doesn’t have a chapter 13 in his books. It’s always listed in the contents and given a title, but when you read a book of his, there’ll be no chapter numbered 13. Then of course there’s Friday 13th, which to many is seen as an unlucky day. Yet witches, consider 13 to be “lucky” number. Also France and Italy consider the number 13 to be lucky.

Good Luck Numbers

For the Chinese the number 8 means sudden good fortune, so they consider the number 8 to be very luck. 888, means “wealthy, wealthy, wealthy”. The number 7 is considered a “lucky” number in the UK, USA, France, Netherlands and many westernised countries. Just think how many 7’s there are! Wonder, Sins, Days, Planets (of the ancient world). Spanish speaking countries consider the number 15 to be lucky. Catholic countries consider the number 39 to be of Divine Guidance.

In Russia though they consider even numbers to be UNlucky, and odd numbers to be lucky. The number 666 considered by many Christian countries to be unlucky is actually a lucky number in China. The number 9 is considered a sacred number in Norway and is the number of the emperor in China. But Japan, consider the number nine unlucky as its word is similar to that of “suffering”. One man’s fish is another man’s poison. What is good luck for one may not be for another.

Numerology - Life Path

Your Life Path Number is considered to be the most important indicator of your life. It tells you what skills and character traits you may have. It could also tell you any challenges you may face along the way. It is calculated from your birth date. To some, numerology is a pseudoscience. To others it’s a way of life. It’s life or death. Either perspective is fine, as long as you respect each other’s beliefs (or lack thereof).

To calculate your Life Path Number is actually a very simple process. You take each category of number (year, month, day) and add them until you get to a single figure. Start with the year, we’ll use one of my heroes as an example (Mozart). His year of birth was 1756. This becomes 1+7+5+6=19, which needs to be reduced further so, 1+9=10, which gets reduced further 1+0=1. Next we look at the month. This was January. 1!. His birth date, 27, 2+7=9. Now you add them all up. 1+1+9=11.

Typically this example has given us the result with a Master Number! A master number is 11, 22 or 33. If these appear in your year, month or day totals, you do not reduce them. However, you DO reduce them in the final calculation. But you also keep the master number, so your life path number could end up being 11/2. I’ve created a pdf which you can download here which will take you through the sums, and give you the basic meanings.

Life Path Numbers
Download PDF • 41KB

Numerology - Soul Number

The soul number (also known as the Soul Urge Number) unlocks the deeper you. The eternal you. The spiritual you. The you which is hidden from the outside world. It’s the guiding force behind what your soul has come to experience in this lifetime. This number could be considered as woo-woo, but I find it fascinating! It’s a little more complicated than the Life Path Number, but it’s worth the effort. Here’s how you calculate it….

1. Take your full given birth name…I’ll keep with Mozart….Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgangus Theophilus Mozart.

2. Remove all the consonants. For this calculation, please note that Y can either be a vowel or consonant. It’s a vowel if it’s the only vowel sound in the syllable (Terry, Kylie) or if it precedes another vowel in another syllable providing an extra vowel sound (Hyacinth, Nya). All other times it’s a consonant. So for Mozart his vowels are, O, A, E, Y, O, O, U, O, A, U, E, O, I, U, O, A.

3. A=1, E=5, I=9, O=6, U=3, Y=7. Assign the corresponding number to each vowel and add the digits. 6+1+5+7+6+6+3+6+1+3+5+6+9+3+6+1=74. We reduce this further 7+4=11! If this had been any other number we’d reduce it to a single figure. But Master numbers 11 and 22 don’t get reduced.

I find it fascinating that Mozart had a master Life Path Number AND Soul Urge Number. Find out what the soul numbers mean in the PDF here.

Soul Urge Number
Download PDF • 41KB

You can use these calculations for a business set up, a key date planned (wedding for example), or when a child is born. It’s a bit of fun but can actually be extremely fascinating. However you take the information is up to you. Next week I’ll be continuing my number theme and I’ll be talking about Angel numbers!

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