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Why Life Coaching?

All my life I’ve had people approach me for guidance. Usually these are total strangers, but I have found that friends and family do it as well. Any students I recruited also seemed to need additional support. I felt I was being called to help as many people as I could and so I investigated Life Coaching. The interesting thing about Life Coaching is that you don’t officially need any formal qualifications. However, I decided that some sort of training would be hugely beneficial and give me a certain amount of credibility.

Gifts from the Universe

Receiving Gifts

I always been empathic. I could feel the energy in a room from a very young age. I could feel when people were upset, or happy. I have always been able to intuitively tune-in to a person’s needs. As I’ve gotten older, these skills have developed and I consider them to be a gift the Universe has bestowed upon me. I will be honest though…I was never sure how to use my gifts in the most practical and helpful way. When lockdown happened and I found I’d lost most of my students I decided to use the time to “better” myself. I enrolled on a couple of Life Coaching, distant learning courses.

Over the years I’ve been given lots of other gifts from the Universe. These include the gift of tarot reading, intuition, Law Of Attraction/Manifesting, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, and much more besides. I wholeheartedly believe that these have been given to me to use, but not for my own ends (entirely). The Universe is such an abundant place and it keeps on giving, but sometimes we humans can be a bit selfish with it. Due to the fact that I was getting overwhelmed by all these things I’d been given, I actually tried to ignore them. But recently I’ve discovered this urge that I cannot ignore. I’ve felt I’m being pushed to do things with all these gifts.

Sharing gifts you've been given to feed the soul

Sharing The Gifts To Change Lives

I want to share these gifts with anyone who needs them. That doesn’t mean I’m gifting them to other people, ie giving them for free. What it does mean though is that through this blog, for example I can hopefully inspire someone to take the plunge to get the guidance they need. If they choose me to be their guide, then that’s even better! As a Reiki Master, whilst I can, and will, have clients who come to me for a treatment, or to be attuned. With the Reiki I am able to add people to a healing list and send the people on the list some distant healing on a weekly basis. I can help people use the basics of EFT to help get them started.

It isn’t wrong to want to make money as we need it to survive. It would be foolish not to use my gifts in the best possible way and make a living from it. Life Coaching, for me, is about asking the right questions and helping people come up with a plan to help them live their best life possible. I can use the tarot during this process if it’s appropriate (I never force anything on anyone). But I can also teach them about the Law of Attraction and Manifesting if that is something in which they’re interested. My approach is very holistic, but also practical. I am passionate about helping people move forward rather than remaining or being held back by the past.

The ripple effect

Solving Problems and The Ripple Effect

Every person I help will be able to help themselves. By helping themselves they can help others. These others can help others, and so on. By attuning someone to level one Reiki, they can heal family and friends (for free). Doing level two means they can heal distantly and have paying customers. Level three means they are a master and can teach it and attune others (if they want). This means that a ripple of healers happens. Teaching someone how to use EFT will help them get unstuck with an issue. Once they’re unstuck perhaps people who know them will ask how they did it. They can teach them how to do EFT, and so a ripple of tapping starts.

Everything I offer is tailored to the individual’s needs. I’m not going to use the tarot if they aren’t into that. I’m not going to help them by using the Law Of Attraction if that’s too “out-there” for them. I feel I’ve been called to do Life Coaching because I have all these wonderful things at my disposal and I can use them all to help others live the life they want. I’m not looking to cash-in on people’s misery. I’m not looking to offer false hope and prey on people’s desperation. However, I am looking to make a living and I believe money is only an issue when there is no value attached. One thing’s for certain, nothing is a quick fix but I take pride in being able to help.

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