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Why The BBC’s Repair Shop Is A Lesson For Us All

In this day and age of being a throw away society the Repair Shop is a breath of fresh air. It is filmed on location at the Weald and Downland Living Museum in Singleton, West Sussex…a truly stunning setting. The whole concept of the show is a lesson for us all.

The Premise

The idea of the show is actually very simple. Members of the public bring in treasured items that have seen better days. They talk about the item, its history and their association with it. They state why the item is so important. Very often it’s been passed down from generation to generation and it’s a way of keeping the memory of them alive.

Once this is done the expert will assess what needs to happen to restore the item to its former glory - or as close as is possible. Thorough assessment is made of the situation. The repairs get carried out, the customer comes back and after a brief conversation the renewed item is unveiled. A very emotional moment!

Keeping The Keepsakes

As we live in a throw away society - ditching things that no longer work or look good (and sadly that occurs in relationships too) watching a programme where people are bringing in things they want to keep is radical! Jay Blades and his team of experts work tirelessly and selflessly to breathe new life into these historical, sentimental items.

Each and every one of them goes above and beyond the call of duty. They all work with such commitment and passion. You can practically feel the empathy oozing through the screen. They never ever give up. They look at a problem from as many different angles as possible until they find a solution.


It is very clear that each of the experts knows their craft inside and out. They worked tirelessly to get to the standard they are now. They continue to work and develop their skills. They use traditional methods as well as new techniques. They are not afraid to try something new to get the result they want.

An ornate laminate table top was in bad need of repair. Will Kirk, painstakingly cut pieces of laminate by hand, having drawn out a design based on the bits left. By the end of the process the table looked better than it had done when first obtained. He sees it as his duty to get any item he sees, into as good a condition as he possibly can.

How The Repair Shop Is Relevant To Life (Coaching)

Each of the experts has a (short-term) goal…to fix the item they see. A lot of the time it’s not a straightforward process. Things don’t always go to plan. Do they give up? Not at all! They go back to the drawing board and try something new. They also call on each other for help with different things. It really is a team effort.

Whatever you want to achieve in your life, with the right positive, can do attitude, you can achieve it. It may not always be plain sailing, but if you take each event as a learning point you’ll find that things eventually fall into place. Working hard at something and getting the results is hugely rewarding - but it’s not necessarily going to be a quick fix!

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