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Why The Pandemic Of 2020 Wasn't All Bad

2020 was without doubt one of our most difficult years we’ve known for generations! A lot of people began to moan that their life was being disrupted. People were angry because they couldn’t do what they wanted to do. Some people stated that the pandemic is a hoax, yet ironically were making this statement on a face mask! Some people started doing things to inflate their ego or give themselves self gratification. Some people used the “because I can I will” attitude; even though the guidelines have always been to maintain a safe distance, not mix households etc. But on the flip side there were people who were embracing the pandemic and getting on with their life in a new way. They were finding different things to do. They were finding original ways of doing things. It has brought the best out of most people and the worst in others. In this blog I list my top five things that were great about the pandemic for me personally. Hopefully it’ll inspire you to make the most of things as the disruption continues.


1. Exercise

I was going out on a daily basis for exercise. I discovered some amazing walks in my local area. People were moaning about not being able to go to the gym. I was actually grateful that I was being forced to exercise in a new way. I discovered that I didn’t actually need a gym. In fact, I didn’t want a gym anyway. I can do everything I need to do within the confines of my home and surrounding area. The truth is wherever you live, you can get some exercise. Even if you live in a city. Every city has a park area, and if it isn’t close enough then you can at least walk the streets. Personally, I’d rather walk through the streets of a city than stay in a confined space looking at a different wall with each exercise. I like to listen to the sounds of nature - one big advantage of living in the countryside. But you can always take a podcast or playlist with you if you want something to listen to.

2. Driving & Work

I wasn’t driving around the county for my work. Everything was now online. I was able to use the spare time I found to either get some exercise or start coursework. While it’s not the same as being face to face in person, doing stuff online has been a boon. It actually works really, really well. Yes, it’s different - but it works. In fact, it is my desire to keep things online even when things get back to adjusted familiarity. I’ve not been polluting the environment by driving. I’ve not been spending vast sums of money of fuel. I’ve not been spending half my working day driving around. The only issue has been that I’ve not listened to as much music. I tended to only listen to music while I was driving. However, I’d put a playlist on when I was doing housework and I’d get my fix that way.

3. Courses

Starting up a Life Coaching Business has been an exciting time. Yes, the pandemic has had an impact in some negative ways. However, the positive impacts have been vast! Many years ago, when I first floated the idea of becoming a coach, I purchased lots of different courses. I spent a bloody fortune! But time ran away. I was too busy doing other things (like work) that I wasn’t scheduling in the time to complete them! I realise that this isn’t a great advert for a Life Coach…but I learnt from this and realised I needed to put into practise what I was advising my clients to do! The pandemic in a way gave me a clean slate. It gave me the chance to do things I kept putting off in the past.

4. DIY/Home Improvement

A lot of people found they suddenly weren’t able to go on holiday. Some, of course, moaned. Others embraced it. I decided to refurbish my office. I was able to get a lot of my stuff online and delivered so I didn’t need to venture out. I had great fun trying to decide on what to do with it. Choosing a colour scheme etc. As I spend at least 9 hours a day in this room I needed to make it welcoming. I also got to designing a functional piano desk - to enable me to teach music as well as have a workstation for my composing. The attached video will show you the transformation.

5. Making The Most Of Each Day/Life Is What You Make It.

I’ve always been an advocate for making the most of each day. But I also realised that the pandemic was giving me opportunities to practise self-care. I already meditated daily, but I found I was able to do other stuff too. I love doing crafts and sewing but I rarely made the time to do so. I now had the chance to put this right. Life is what you make it and it’s very easy to blame external forces when things aren’t going your way. This pandemic has taught me more than ever that a self-centred attitude isn’t the way forward. It may give you advancement in the short term, but in the long term you end up alienating yourself. Everyone ended up showing their true colours. Luckily a lot of people proved to be decent supportive friends. Sadly there were some who proved self-serving, egotistical, arrogant and generally not very nice. But that’s actually always been the case hasn’t it? The pandemic and all that came with it, just enhanced it all!

The pandemic isn’t going away. There will always be COVID-19. The scientists hope that eventually it’ll become more like a flu. The very nature of viruses is that they mutate and develop as it wants to survive. We will be in an adjusted familiarity at some point. Until that day arrives, keep positive and do as much as you can. Make the most of everything. Stay Safe!

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