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Worry - Worse Than Any Disease!

Worry – To trouble oneself; to be unduly anxious, to fret.

At time of writing the globe is in the midst of an outbreak (that's all it is; it's not an endemic or pandemic yet) of Coronavirus. Typically, the media is deploying scaremongering tactics and preying on the vulnerable. People are going into panic mode and losing all sense of...well...sense! They are panic buying stockpiling on items as if we're about to enter nuclear war. People are panicking at the slightest sniffle or tickly cough. In short people are worrying rather than calmly getting on with their lives and doing everything they can to prevent catching the virus.

Okay, I realise that we can do all we can to prevent catching it and still end up doing so but living your life in a state of panic and worry is just going to increase your chances of getting ill (and not necessarily with Covid-19).

Rather than rushing to the Doctor/AE/ER and spreading your germs (!) call your health service helpline. Explain your symptoms and let them give you the advice – it is after all what they're there for! Don't go onto a search engine and type in your'll end up thinking you've got leprosy, streptococcus, black death and chicken pox...when in reality all you may have is a common cold. Go on to the government website and follow their advice and guidance. Don't fall for the scaremongering posted on Social Media! In fact why Social Media doesn't put things in place to prevent such posts I really don't know – but that's a whole discussion for another day!

Now I've got this off my chest (not with a hacking continuous cough) let me try and address the subject in hand – worry! Yes the threats may be very real – but worrying isn't going to solve anything.

Worry is a state of mind that eventually takes its toll. It increases your stress which reduces your immunity...which makes you ill...and yes – susceptible to viruses!

Worry can make you lose sleep. Without a decent night's sleep your immunity reduces...which makes you ill....which makes you susceptible to viruses.

Worry can make you not eat properly (bright coloured fruit and veg, no processed food, lots of water – are the things we should be consuming). By not eating properly you're reducing your immunity and therefore more susceptible to viruses!

Worry is interest paid on trouble that hasn't happened yet. If you put your energy into worrying about what could be rather than working with what is then you're not living in the moment or making the most of the situation.

If you're worried about getting ill, or not being able to pay bills, or finding a new job or whatever...then you're not putting your energy into the right thing! Find out what measures you can take to PREVENT you from being ill. Find out what help is available to help you pay your bills. Find out what jobs are on the market at the moment. Prevention is always better than cure and if you do all you can to prevent the situation happening then at least you're in the right mindset to deal with things IF they ever do go wrong.

Kathryn Carpenter summed this up brilliantly when she said –

Don't get your knickers in a knot. Nothing is solved and it just makes you walk funny!


Since typing this up a few days ago the status of Coronavirus has been given Pandemic status by the WHO...but the same sentiment applies to the rest of the blog post!

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