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Perception - Why We Shouldn't Worry What Others Think!

Life coaching is actually one of the most rewarding things in the world. The trouble is though that people often have a preconceived idea as to what to expect. On the flip side of that is the people who don’t think that Life Coaching is for them…based on no information at all…or again a preconceived idea of what it’s about. Then you get the people who partake in Life Coaching, but keep quiet about it because they’re afraid of being judged. They think that there is a stigma attached to Life Coaching.

Quite where all these notions come from I don’t really know. But having said that we humans can be quite judgy can’t we? Life Coaching isn’t therapy or counselling. Life Coaching is nothing to be ashamed of. In fact, nothing that helps us move forward and better ourselves is to be ashamed of. I’ll go even further…we should’t be made to feel shameful for anything by another person. It’s all down to perception.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” William Shakespeare.

One person may like the colour red and think of it as a good colour. Another person may hate red and think it’s bad. Is either one wrong? Not at all. They have different perceptions. The law as we know it is a perception as to what is right or wrong. The fact though that people break the law clearly shows that their perception is different. Why do people break the law? Well, maybe we should actually ask that question rather than judging someone because they did. Find out why and maybe you can develop some compassion…or at the very least some understanding.

Very often the reason why people fall out with each other is a matter of perception. We all live by our own set of rules and standards. If we perceive that someone has broken these then we take offence or argue. Of course if a person tries to right the wrong or apologise the our perception can be adjusted. It’s when the rules are constantly broken though that one needs to think about how to deal with it. You then need to ask yourself whether your perception is skewed, or the other person. Again there is no right or wrong in this and you must be true to yourself.

The trouble is though that by simply offering an opinion we are, to all intents and purposes, making a judgement. But there’s nothing wrong with that. It only becomes a perceived wrong if it’s a judgement about what someone is doing. For example, sharing a post from a Life Coach let’s your social media friends know that you follow a Life Coach. Is that really such a bad thing? I’d like to say no, and that’s not because I’m a Life Coach. I happily share things about being an empath, being spiritual, following the Law of Attraction, being gay, mental health issues, and many more. I also share things that don’t actually have a direct impact on my life in so far as I’m not alcoholic or transgender, for example!

If people are going to get judgy on my ass because of me sharing my beliefs or things I’m doing, then the truth is I probably don’t want to associate with them any way. I’d much rather try and educate first though and if that fails then take a step back, cut the ties with love and continue to do what I do. The best way forward really is this: if you don’t like the comments someone makes about things you’re doing, block them from seeing the posts. Never stop sharing what you do and who you are because you’re being authentic to you. That’s what matters the most…looking after yourself. But also remember that by sharing something that’s helped you - you may end up helping someone else too!

This is why I’m always asking people to like and share the posts I do - not because it’s good for business (though it is) - but because by sharing my content you stand the chance of helping more people. That surely has to count for something if not a lot. There’s no shame in following a Life Coach or anything else for that matter. If someone you know is following something or someone you don’t like - don’t say anything, let them get on with it. They’re not actually hurting you. And if their posts are offending you - then just unfollow them. Turn off notifications from them. But don’t not share because you’re worried about what people with think about you supporting and following a Life Coach - especially if you’re someone who shares political stuff on regular basis!

“Don’t find fault. Find a remedy.” Henry Ford

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