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Using Uncertainty To Be Certain

It is true that we are living in a very trying time…it’s almost surreal but don’t worry this isn’t going to be a post about the selfish people who have stockpiled on everything meaning that those with a genuine need have nothing. It isn’t going to be a post about how some fearmongerers are telling us we’re all doomed. Nor is this going to be a post falling into the trappings of hype, negativity, un-researched posts about how certain drugs will aggravate illnesses or other general negativity.

Instead, this is a post about how in these uncertain times (or indeed any uncertain time) when you find yourself with more time on your hands you can use it to your massive benefit. But before I do may I just say that I am not suggesting for one moment that people don’t take proper precautions. Nor am I saying that people shouldn’t take time out to relax or just chill.

Some of the most successful people have taken every opportunity to progress in their field. Any adversity that came their way they used it as a learning point. If they found they were laid up in bed for days, weeks or months on end; they used it as a time for learning. Now of course there may be times you are so physically debilitated that you don’t have the energy to do anything at all but the moments when you do have some, do something positive…or better still whether you feel you can or not, do something!

Ed Roberts was paralysed from the neck down since he was 14 years old. Everyday he needed to use breathing apparatus and at night he’d sleep in an iron lung. It would have been very easy for Ed to focus on his pain but he decided to focus on how he could make a difference to people’s lives. He decided to fight against the prejudice with which disabled people were faced. He was born in 1939 and grew up in a time when such attitudes were the norm. He pioneered and campaigned, educated and initiated. Before him, wheelchair access ramps weren’t a thing. Disabled parking didn’t exist. He became the first quadriplegic to graduate from the University of California, Berkeley and eventually became the director of the California State Department of Rehabilitation. He took his situation and made into something truly positive!

Maybe you’ve always wanted to write a book? If you find yourself needing to self-isolate (to use the term that’s being banded about a lot at the time of writing) surely this is the best opportunity to do just that. Start writing down ideas for it or better still - just write! Set yourself a target to write ten pages a day (for example). You haven’t got the “no time” excuse anymore…you’ve got two weeks - or are you really going to spend all day cleaning or going on social media?

If you’re a student and your educational establishment has closed down use it as an opportunity to learn other things. Don’t just mug off thinking “Yay, loads of free time” - you’ll still have to do your exams, you’ll still have to get a qualification of some sort! Maybe you’ve wanted to write a computer game, or an app to help you with something. Why not use this time to do just that?!

If you’re self-employed or have your own business maybe now is the time to start thinking about development? What can you offer people that doesn’t require them to see you? Is there anything you need to learn how to do to further your business prospects? Is there anything you’ve been putting off for a rainy day? Start thinking creatively. Write down every little idea that you have. It gets the juices flowing and there will be some gems there!

Take the time to learn a new skill. There are thousands upon thousands of online courses available, so why not enrol on one of them? Many are very reasonably priced and some even have credit options.

If you’re being imposed to do something against your will (ie quarantine yourself because you’re infected) then make the most of the situation and use the time wisely.

If this sounds a little overwhelming or you need some guidance - then Life Coaching is available and this can be done online or over Video Call!

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