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How I Help People Elicit Change, Enjoyment And Continuity In Their Lives

The Law Of Attraction is a fascinating thing! It’s something that I’ve always been interested in. To this end I took a couple of courses and am now a Certified Law Of Attraction Advanced Practitioner. In its simplest form the Law Of Attraction is about asking the Universe for something. You may also know of it as Cosmic Ordering. Some of you may instantly imagine a long haired dude, in flowing robes, chewing on a willow willow twig while emanating a pungent smell of something not quite legal. I would like you to dismiss this image right now. The Law Of Attraction is for anyone who wishes to use it….and it works! In this blog I’ll take you behind the scenes and explain how I can help people elicit change, enjoyment and continuity in their lives.

What Do You Want?

When helping a client to elicit change it is very important that I help them decide exactly what they want to obtain. Specificity is very important as the Universe will respond to what it is given. For example if a client says “I want more money” unless they specify the amount that they want to get, they could end up with an extra dollar in their account - which is of course more money but perhaps not what they were wanting.

Once the order has been made we work on the attitude of gratitude. Thanking the Universe for every little thing in their life…even the bad things. By appreciating everything they have already shows the Universe that they have the right attitude. Appreciating the bad things for me is an important step because you can turn a bad thing into a good thing by looking at the lessons you can learn from the experience. More on that later.

Keep Things Positive!

The next important step is to encourage positive thinking. A positive thought is more powerful than a negative thought. However, if the client only thinks negatively then the Universe is going to respond accordingly. As Mike Dooley says “Thoughts Become Things” therefore it is very important to keep thoughts positive. Rather than worrying the Universe won’t respond to the request, think positively. Believe and live like it’s already happened. Thank the Universe for making it so. But don’t be silly and physically spend what you don’t have. Go out and imagine you have it and act as if you’re spending. Eventually you will be doing it for real.

If a client is beset by negative thinking or indeed negative people, this can affect their mood. I would encourage them to stay calm and positive by using an appropriate meditation. Meditation is a very powerful yet simple way of staying calm and focussing the thoughts on the necessary positive thinking. A happy demeanour is a sure fire way of obtaining desired outcomes. Listening to music that boosts your spirits or watching a funny film or program will help…as will a stroll in the countryside.

Take Action!

Whilst all the above is of vital importance I think perhaps the most important thing is to take positive action. There’s no point in ‘placing your order’ and then just expecting it to fall in your lap. I would encourage my client to look for signs that the Universe is preparing to fulfil the order. For example, if they’re after more money signs could include, the offer of overtime. An item at home that is no longer used and can be sold (or maybe a garage sale). An offer of some supplementary work. A chance meeting with someone important/influential. Another example: if the client has requested a new car it could be that they see adverts for that specific make and model. They may witness someone driving the car they want, so a conversation on how they managed it could happen. Looking for the clues that the Universe is working for you is all part of the fun. And that’s a key word too - FUN. Have FUN with your orders!


Once the Universe finally provides what was requested, it is very important for the client to enjoy it. Thank the Universe on a daily basis for all the abundance you receive from it but also enjoy it! By enjoying something you are keeping a happy and positive vibration going through out your life. The Universe loves this! That’s not to say that bad things should be ignored. Don’t ignore them, but acknowledge them - then see how they can be turned around. What can you learn from the experience? How can you make it in to a positive thing? Can you change it from an obstacle into a stepping stone?

The more a person puts requests in with the Universe the more prolific they’ll become at it. The Universe wants to give, give and give some more. Make regular ‘orders’ coupled with daily thanks. Continuous enjoyment of everything received will ensure that the client has a continuity of positive things and abundance in their life. It’s all there for them to enjoy but equally importantly for others to benefit too. As long as the client always remembers that their desires are important to them so it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. The client deserves to be happy and deserves to ask for things that can help this become a reality…as do you!

In summary then:

  1. Ask for what you want and believe that you have already received it. BE SPECIFIC AND DETAILED!

  2. Be thankful for EVERYTHING you already have in your life. That includes the “bad” stuff.

  3. Think POSITIVE. Remain POSITIVE. Don’t ignore negative thoughts though. Both positive and negative emotions give us a clue as to what the body and mind is experiencing at that moment.

  4. Keep in mind - THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.

  5. Look for opportunities to obtain your desires. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. By all means play the Lotto but NEVER EVER rely on this as being a way to get rich quick. The Law Of Attraction has never been, nor will it ever be a get rich quick scheme. Yes, sometimes the Universe smiles on us and gives us a very generous dollop of good fortune. Yes, there are a handful of people who attracted their riches through the Law Of Attraction. But imagine the satisfaction you get of making your riches through hard work, seizing opportunities, and making the most of everything.

  6. Once you have received your desires…ENJOY THEM.

  7. Thank the Universe everyday for it’s bounty!

Are you ready to Attract The Life You Desire?

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