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  • Dawn A Denton

Time - Eternal Yet Limiting

“I would love to do xxx but I just don’t have the time!”.  If time is eternal, why is it also that time is limiting?

We all have the same number of hours in the day – and yet some people fill it to the brim with exciting adventures and tasks. They are never bored and are never unhappy.  They just live a life they love – full and fulfilling. But others go from activity to activity and, at the end of the day, feel like they haven’t actually achieved anything.  How does that happen?

And what about our goals? Is it the time that holds us back? Or is it merely an excuse?

I like to ask myself, “How badly do you want xxx?”  But what if the goal isn’t reached?  Or what if, what I set out to achieve is a spectacular fail? 

“Best I just say I don’t have time and then I am not committed to it and I can keep myself safe.” Is that it?

Or, on the other hand, is your goal maybe not really a target for you?  If it was, would you not make the time to fit it in?

Time is eternal, yes, but we only have a limited portion of that eternal time to make something of our small moment on this planet and leave a legacy.

My New Year

A new year is always a good time to assess.  Whether we physically write goals down, or we just use the time to reflect, it is a great to start things or at least to give things a go.

For me, it is both writing and public speaking. I want to be a better writer and speak publically with presence.

For my writing - I know that by writing every day, even if just for 10 minutes, I work the ‘writing muscle’ and I will get better.  Every morning, while still in my gown, as I wait for the kettle to boil, I scribble some thoughts on paper or type them on the laptop.  I enjoy my cup of tea, while creating.   And if there is a lot of craziness in the kitchen at that time, I will wake up earlier – just half an hour earlier – or I will jot some thoughts down in the notebook I have next to my bed. 

And for my speaking? I am focused on getting as much training as I can. My favourite is the 'Speak with Presence' course by Deon Newbronner, where I have found my voice and my confidence. My next step is to find opportunities to speak on a physical or virtual stage and grow from there.

Time Is Limiting Me No More

I am going to try this in other areas of my life and in my business.  It is not about changing everything and not about putting the pressure on myself to transform all areas of my life – but it is aligning my goals with the time I am prepared to give it. One day I might be at a place where I have got so good at writing (fingers crossed), that I am able to drop other activities in my day and give it more time….but until then…I can speak on every stage I can find.

If you don’t have the time for something, it might be worth assessing your goal – is it really what you want?

If you are clear about your goal, how are you going to fit it into your day? So…my next resolution is about not allowing time to limit me – and if it does, then I need to reassess my goals.

Hope your goals are easy to make time for. Here’s to a fulfilling time ahead.


Dawn is an entrepeneur, podcaster, writer, blogger, TEDx Host, and local radio host. She is orginally from Johannesburg, Gauteng where she studied International Relations and diplomacy at Unisa - The University of South Africa. She now lives in Frome, Somerset where she writes courses to help people and small businesses succeed and trawl through the Social Media swamp with useful tips, tricks and relevant information. More details can be found at or on her Facebook page which you can find here....give her a like and a follow!

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