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An Interview With A Client

This week I thought I'd chat to one of my clients and share their experiences with you. When making the decision as to whether or not to have Life Coaching you sometimes need reassurance. By interviewing this client I hope that some of your questions will be answered and that you too will feel able to start your Life Coaching Process.


What made you decide to take some life coaching?

I felt stuck with certain situations in my life and that I was banging my head against a brick wall. They were starting to prevent me from moving forward with life and in a happy way. Being stuck as affecting my mental health which was starting to affect my ability to do my job and to cope with situations that came my way.

How did we put you at your ease?

Chris’ natural bubbly but calming personality put me at ease straight away. He has a naturally peaceful way about him which naturally takes away any anxiety.

What do you think about our website?

The website is super clear and easy to negotiate. I love the fact it has the back story to Chris’ journey into life coaching and how it was inspired by the red leaf. Being able to look back at all the blogs is also great, because if you’ve read something you like and want to go back to it they’re all there in one place.

What about our blogs?

I really enjoy the blogs as they offer a fresh and new perspective on lots of big issues in life and they definitely help you to see and thing about things from a different angle. Guest blogs are also a fab idea because it gives us a chance to see into the lives of people Chris has come across on his journey to life coaching.

Have you tried our meditations? If so, how were they?

I like the fact on the ‘mediations for healing’ album there are different lengths of mediation available, so if you need a 5 minute break at lunch you can take a quiet break, but also you get the chance to do a deeper mediation too when needed. I enjoy that there are moments of guided meditation but also moments of calm with just beautiful background music. It gives a really good balance. I am the first to admit I have fallen asleep listening to one of the tracks before as I was so in the zone!

A new meditation album for Christmas is out now.

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What is the best thing we’ve been able to do for you? Life coaching with Chris has given me the ability to take back control in so many different aspects of my life which means I am able to cope on a day to day so much better and actually start to enjoy my life rather than constantly worrying about everything that could potentially go wrong. I used to be unable to enjoy the good things in my life because I was already panicking about the next thing to bring me down, but now I can take hold of those good times and live them to the full and that has generally made me a happier and more fulfilled person.

If you could sum us up in three words, what would they be?

Inspiring, understanding, motivational

How would you feel if you could no longer have life coaching from us?

Truly devastated because the impact Chris has had on my life has been truly remarkable and he has literally changed my life for good and on several occasions he has saved my life. If I couldn’t have any further life coaching because I’d got to a point in life where I was happy and content and had achieved my goals then I would feel proud and also extremely thankful to Chris for his work.

What is the main benefit you receive from Life Coaching?

Being able to take more control of my emotions, my ability to cope with situations and truly becoming the master of my own destiny.

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